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Please click on the following images to view images of our burl wood products and don't forget to look at our Ebay auctions. These burl wood pieces are a one of a kind!

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Old growth burls were found on beaches years ago by collectors searching for these treasures along the Pacific Northwest coastline. As time went on, there were very few to be found. The craftsmen behind these pieces continue in the tradition of their company’s founder. They acquire burls from collectors who had the foresight to realize how rare and unique the reclaimed timbers were, some being up to 300 years old. All of the pieces being offered are from reclaimed (recycled) old growth burls.

Each unique finished piece is crafted from a solid piece of wood, retaining much of the natural form of the burl. They’re a combination of polished surfaces and rustic edges with unique characteristics. Each creation is truly one-of-a-kind! Each piece has the artist company name and wood type penned on the bottom. Each piece also comes with a biz-card sized info piece that tells gift recipients a bit about the reclaimed old growth burls. It bears a colorful graphic on quality card stock. Each piece’s polished surfaces are treated with all natural wood cream before shipment. Some pieces have bark intentionally stripped away for aesthetics, some do not. Rustic bark edges will shed some in normal handling of the piece.


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