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Burlwood Hand Carved Creations

Burlwood .net offers handcrafted wood creations and other quality crafts from various artists.  Our current selection focuses on a collection of large puzzle boxes.  These are exquisite burlwood creations ideal for your home, office or as gifts sure to be remembered.

The complex flowing figure of the wood
Handcrafted bandsaw puzzle box
The bark left on makes a nice contrast with the polished heartwood
The inside of this burl shows treasured spalted maple figure.

Like a Russian nesting egg, the two main drawers of this box hold removeable drawers inside, which hold the hidden little compartments inside them. Burls are large knoblike projections or bulges formed along the trunks (or sometimes limbs) of trees. The wood tissue within the burl is extremely disoriented and often contains numerous bud formations. The resulting figure is quite attractive and traditionally has been used in small articles such as bowls and turnings. Design each box to take advantage of the spectacular natural features of each piece of wood by carefully “reading” each rare and unique burl. Hand-crafted with the use of a band-saw, then sanded and finished by hand, these puzzle boxes are more functional art than puzzle. These boxes are so unique that they are sold as one-of-a-kind items. Choose from vases, bowls, candleholders, custom-made tables, coaster-boxes, business-card holders, doorstoppers, romantic ring boxes and more. Most items can be enhanced and custom designed with laser engraving for individual and unique tastes. Virtually any image can be transferred to our fine wood surfaces. Superbly Handcrafted Bowls made from British Columbian Fir Wood. Exquisite Birdseye Yellow Cedar Bowls made from a very rare type of burlwood.
The rustic side of Yellow Cedar.

Red Cedar Bowls are also popular with their distinctively rich timber grain and characteristic natural patterning.Balsam Bowls bring a sub-tropical feel to the range. Wonderful shapes are possible making this handcrafted collection a one-of-a-kind display. Handcrafted natural wood Clocks with built-in drawer(s) with some featuring secret compartments in front or rear. Sculpted Natural and semi-polished clocks. Drawer-Clock features a single drawer while others have hidden compartments for those special items you wish to store away from view.

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